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24 February 2014
Carpet Cleaning
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Keep Your Wool Carpet Looking Great for Years: Facts, Tips & Common Mistakes

As you’ve probably heard so far wool carpets are stain resistant and this fact makes them popular with the modern day family. This does not mean that there is no maintenance as some people believe. Just like with any types of carpets, your wool carpet requires regular care to stay looking the same as the day you purchased it.

Let start with some interesting facts:

  • Wool fibers have a complex scaly structure that prevents moisture from being retained in the fabric.
  • They have a natural protective layer which prevents absorbing dirt.
  • Wool carpets pick up far less dust because they’re static resistant. In other words, if vacuum two or three times a week, dirt is very easy to get out of wool carpet.

Is there such thing as too much vacuuming? Nowadays vacuum manufacturers are always coming out with new models with more suction power. While this is good news if you have a synthetic wall to wall carpet a powerful vacuum cleaner could damage your wool carpet. That why we always recommend using a carpet sweeper, or setting the beater bar on your vacuum high for less abrasion.

What NOT to Do

Wool is water repellent but moisture absorbent. Too much moisture can lead to mildew. This can happen when a potted plant is placed directly on a carpet. Just a few months after that, you take the rug up, and you find out that your expensive carpet is completely ruined.

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