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30 July 2014
Carpet Cleaning
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Why we are the best! Champaign-Urbana Carpet Cleaning

A lot of times homeowners might really consider replacing their carpets. This might be probable in some cases. Nothing lasts forever especially when it has been abused or has just been worn out from age. So I wanted to show a before and after video of a carpet we cleaned last week. This is a rental unit where I was told the renter just had moved out and had not cleaned in 6 years….

Just a warning what you are about to see is gross and may come as a shock to some of you . I have also encountered more difficult jobs than this. It took me a total of two hours…here is a video of before and after we cleaned this place .

Just to let you know this is not a typical carpet cleaning

This is what we consider a restorative cleaning. There is some permanent damage to the carpet. No one in the world would be able to get these few areas out because its just damaged.

The owner was considering replacing it and I told him let me see if I can save you a buck.

He was very pleased.


But you may not want to break out the popcorn!

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