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3 March 2014
Grout Cleaning
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Grout Cleaning: When Mopping doesn’t Cut It

When you are doing a little bit of bathroom cleaning, don’t forget to do a really thorough job. Most people clean their tub, sink and mirror. However they usually don’t remember to clean the grout which can be a real magnet for an unsightly build-up of grease, dirt and even mildew. Here are some tips you may want to try out today.

Most grout stains are actually on the surface and you can easily get rid of them using a stiff-bristled brush and water. Some people use sandpaper but I don’t recommend using it. Unlike sandpaper stiff-bristled will not leave scratch marks on your tiles. On the other hand, it’s still strong enough to cut through stains.

Useful tip: Make sure you change the wash water and rinse water frequently to avoid redistributing dirt.

If a stiff-bristled brush does not work, you may have better results using a mixture of water and baking soda. Simply cover the grout lines with the mixture and after that spray on the vinegar. As soon as the paste stops foaming, scrub with a soft-bristled brush (you can even use your toothbrush) and rinse a few times with water.

To treat grout discoloration you need something different; poultice and a grout restorer. You can use this for stubborn stains too.


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