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The Importance of Carpet Protector.

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Your carpet was chosen with some careful thought.  Did you know that carpet is actually one of the biggest investments in most people’s homes? Why wouldn’t you want to protect and prolong the life of something so expensive?

Carpet protector comes on your carpet from the factory the day you buy it. In the carpet cleaning industry and here at Extreme Clean CU we call this the factory scotch guard. When you think about it, scotch guard is not much different than giving your car a coat of wax. The wax protects the paint of your car, but over time it wears away and you have to reapply it. The same thing happens with scotch guard. Over time it needs a reapplication. The factory scotch guard does, in fact, wear off.

Extreme Clean CU wants to share that there are many benefits to getting your carpets protected.

Dry Soil: Soil is an abrasive and will damage carpet fibers, causing accelerated wear which will create a dingy appearance.Scotch guard allows for easier removal of the dry soils when you vacuum. The scotch guard will act as a soil release.

Acid Dyes: Spills of drinks and food can attach to the carpet fibers making a spot or stain very difficult or impossible to remove. Scotch guard will reduce the risk of this happening.

Spills: Spills from drinks can soak into your carpet and leave unsightly stains. Scotch guard reduces the chance of this happening by giving you more time to clean the spill up before it soaks in. It will bead up just like water droplets on a freshly waxed car.

Other Soils: Grease, tar, oil, ect. tracked in from kitchens, garage, driveways, and other areas can do serious damage to your carpets. Scotch guard will drastically reduce the chance of any permanent damage occurring.


Extreme Clean CU hopes you found this information valuable. These are just four reasons for getting scotch guard. At Extreme Clean CU we offer a special. If you get scotch guard the first time we come out and clean for you. The second time we come out for you the scotch guard is on us. Thats right absolutely free! Our slogan is See the Difference! Why? Because we are different from the other guys.

If you are needing any carpet cleaned or would just like to know more information about us you can give us a visit on our website.

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